Monday, February 24, 2014


Monday, February 24, 2014
Hey everyone!

Oh wait.. is anyone even there?

I'm sure I'm talking to an empty audience now, because I haven't posted on here months, months, months. To tell the truth I got busy, and my other blog became top priority when it came to time on on the computer. :) Not that I have posted on that one that often either.. but, that's beside the point. :)

I've decided to try to catch you all up on the pictures I've taken over the past several months. I'm thinking I'll do it a month-per-post. :) So here's September, they're kinda random but I didn't have a whole lot of one shoot. :) Oh and actually I took barley any in October, so I included the three that I liked from the few.

Remember to read captions, they make it funner more fun. ;)

 A trip to the garden with my awesome cat, a basket, and some stark-contrasted-red tomatoes made some epic pictures!

A friend and I planned and succeeded to surprise her sister, my sister, and another friend with a birthday party! It was tons of fun, especially these cupcakes.

A glimpse at all the produce my Mom received from all her hard work in the garden! 

Trying to be creative with an apple.. :) I thought it turned out pretty cool.

Can you tell I loved this tomato-basket-and-bench combination?
I don't remember a whole lot about these pictures, but they turned out really cool!! I love the orange tint to the sky. :)

I'm hoping to post again soon, I hope you enjoyed this {long} overdue update!

<3 Eva

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Beginning of Fall

Thursday, September 26, 2013
Background Picture via Pinterest, Quote added by Evelyn.
Not much to say other than what the graphic above already said. I love Autumn, it's so quiet and sorrowful. Beautiful in it's own way..


Page 131 from Charles Dickens' Bleak House. Only 769 pages to go..

My older sister who very recently had a birthday. (the big adult number, too. :P)

My sister to the left, 2 years my junior, and her friend to the right. Weird camera focus going on here.. sorry.

My other sister, four years my junior. Absolutely love this picture! Totally captures the real her. =)

I adore everything that has to do with trains and train tracks! (and um yes, try to ignore the obnoxious orange house in the background)

Parachuters! Skydivers! I still call them Parachuters. *face palm*

They really are awesome to watch though

something about barbed-wire and a wood plank fence together, is just really awesome.

<3 Eva
... and so I have learned and experienced

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